Roadside Assistance Insurance for Companies

Regardless of how reliable you think you car is, every trip comes with the risk of breaking down. Take out a TransAsist policy now and be guaranteed that you will receive assistance in case you remain stranded due to a breakdown, malfunction or personal error.

Asigurarea de asistenta rutiera


The TransAsist service is a unique product in Romania, with a 24/7 coverage in the entire country, which guarantees an intervention crew as soon as possible. The services included in this policy are:

  • Assistance in preparing and solving the claim file;
  • Break-down service, maximum of 2 events during the insured period;
  • The “exchange vehicle” service, covered once a year for a 7-day period.
  • Towing and transport services from the breakdown site to service units, storage places, the residency or headquarters of the policyholder – regardless of distance or number of events;


The TransAsist policy offers you the flexibility to choose from 4 different packages with different covered services, based on your needs:

  • Basic Asist: Claim assistance;
  • Expres Asist: Claim assistance and break-down service;
  • Optim Asist: Claim assistance, towing/transport and exchange vehicle;

Complet Asist: Claim assistance, towing/transport, break-down service and exchange vehicle.

In the case of the packages that include an exchange car, we offer you the flexibility to choose from one of the 3 vehicle classes:

  • Class I – Efficiency: Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Skoda Rapid or similar;
  • Class II – Elegance: VW Jetta, Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia, Skoda Superb or similar;
  • – Class III – Safety: VW Tiguan, Ford Kuga, Opel Antara, Toyota RAV4 or similar;

    For additional details, access the TransAsist website or contact a Transilvania Broker agent.

Why should you take out your insurance
trough Transilvania Broker ?

There are multiple benefits of taking out policies with Transilvania Broker, you will be saving time and money, benefiting from the wide range of services, products and offers available on the market.

  • The fair evaluation of risks for a personalised quote.

    We will offer you consultancy in correctly evaluating all the necessary risks, so you will be certain that they will be covered by your insurance policy.

  • The best quotes from multiple insurance companies.

    Based on the requested policies, you will receive quotes from multiple insurance partners that work with Transilvania Broker.

  • Consultancy in choosing the right insurance policy.

    Taking your needs and wants into account, we will present you with a wide range of offers from our partners, together with the benefits, insurance conditions and covered risks of each insurance company, so you can make the best choice in buying your policy.

  • Claims support

    In case of an unwanted event, we will help you avoid any problems that may appear when resolving your claim file with the insurance company.

Oferta de asigurare Transilvania Broker

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Over 20 insurance companies are working with us in order to deliver the most complex solutions at the best prices, covering all the risks you need.

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