The general shareholders’ meeting

In this section you will find all the data and documents associated with the GSM and other shareholder dedicated information.

April 2022

OGSM – EGSM 27/28 April 2022

September 2021

EGSM 7/8 September 2021

April 2021

OGSM 27/28 April 2021

December 2020

EGSM 21/22 DECEMBER 2020

July 2020

OGSM – EGSM of 29/30 JULY 2020

April 2020

OGSM of 28/29 APRIL 2020

April 2019

AGOA-AGEA of 23/24 APRIL 2019

December 2018

AGOA-AGEA of 06/07 DECEMBER 2018

Iuly 2018

AGOA-AGEA of 25/26 JULY 2018

April 2018

AGOA of 25/26 April 2018

December 2017

General Meeting of Shareholders 13 december 2017

Shareholding structure

Dividend policy

Profit dividend allocation rate


Percentage of dividend distribution


Dividend allocation history

The data regarding the insurance market, the insurance brokerage market, the market share, the position on the marker and any other information origination from the data regarding the insurance market and the insurance brokerage market for the last year, will be added after the month of April of the current year. This message does not represent an offer of financial services, none of this content can be interpreted as a recommendation to invest, the decision to invest must be taken individually following the analysis of the financial situations of Transilvania Broker and the perspectives of the insurance market. Every potential investor should consult his own financial consultant, regarding the subscription or the acquisition of Securities. The price of Securities, as well as the income and dividends related to them, if they exist, can either increase, either decrease.

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