As a Transilvania Broker associate, it is essential to follow the company’s brand lines in order to offer a seamless experience to our customers in all franchises. Consult the visual identity manual for more detail or download our logo in a vectorial format to use it wherever you need to.

The company’s presentation

The company’s presentation

Consult the presentation to explore the company’s year by year result, by clicking on the link below.

Open the presentation

The company’s identity

Logo transilvania Broker

In order to keep the company’s unitary image, we have created some standards that will help you use the branding elements correctly and with ease. Consult the visual identity manual for more details or download the vector-format logo to use it where needed.

Download the logo in vector format or in .png format
Logo transilvania Broker
Rules of using the logo on promotional materials
For the complete rules, see the identity manual.
1. The logo CANNOT be distorted. Its scaling or downsizing will be done uniformly, keeping the original proportions.
2. It is NOT permitted to change the logo’s color besides the monochromatic versions (white, black).
3. It is NOT permitted to change the text on the logo or to insert the logo over text, so the writing on the logo is unintelligible.
4. It is NOT permitted to use the logo only in the contour version.

Promotional materials

Access the link below to gain access to all promotional materials necessary for your franchise. The database includes physical materials (posters, pens), various office branding formats, exterior billboards and light panels, as well as several formats of online advertising.

Set-up your email address

Setarea adresei de email

Officialise your email address! Follow the link below to find out how to change the ending of your email address into This change will not lead to the creation of another email address, therefore your mailbox will not be affected.

Setarea adresei de email
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